Share a Suggestion

DDS employees can complete this form to provide input on Level Two and Level Three improvements either in agency work functions (e.g., suggestions regarding improving the efficiency, effectiveness or quality of service delivery) or in workplace culture (e.g., accountability, relationship building, and seeking understanding).

The Suggestions Committee meets monthly or as needed to review and consider suggestions in order to make recommendations to the DDS Director. The Committee has no formal role in the implementation of suggestion that is recommended to the DDS Director. However, for every suggestion submitted to the Committee for its consideration, the Committee will provide the DDS employee with feedback as to the status of that employee’s suggestion.

Incentives may be awarded to an individual employee or group for accepted/implemented suggestions. Incentives include: administrative leave with pay, gift cards, agency newsletter or similar recognition, and more.

For more information on the Suggestions Committee, please contact Tisharra Albright at or Mark Back at

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*Please enter the text in textbox if option "Other" is selected